PreviewWrestlingMatch Preview: ROB VAN DAM vs. PJ BLACK

October 17, 2019

This is the match that everyone has been waiting for. When we say everyone, we mean EVERYONE, as far as Sweden and Australia fans have hailed this match an absolute dream match, one that has never before been booked by anyone, which baffles any wrestling fan all around the world. Well the world’s loss is Africa’s gain, as Slamforce Africa is the only company in the world who had the grit and the vision to book this match, to debut Slamforce Africa and the SFA World Championship (dubbed Mamma Africa) to the world.

Could there have been any better match? Rob van Dam, the Whole Damn Show…champion everywhere he goes, holding multiple championships, even holding the WWE Championship simultaneously with the ECW World Heavyweight Championship. Multiple WWE Tag Team Champion, TNA World Champion, Grand Slam Champion, WWE Hardcore Champion….the list goes on and on. Much older and wiser than he was 10-13 years ago, but he has not lost a single step in the ring nor his unrelenting fire for high risk maneuvers. An absolute crowd favorite, the world over, and he has seen it all, done it all and he still wants more. There is something unnatural about the drive that RVD has when it comes to finishing matches with nothing less than a five star rating (or a five star frog splash!)


But his opponent, also held WWE gold, and has been a multiple WWE Tag Team champion, a Destiny Wrestling World Champion, TNA NexGen Champion and a Global Force Wrestling world champion, he won the King of the Mountain Championship in TNA and is probably the only guy in the world who can match RVD toe for toe, aerial assault for aerial assault, match him high risk for high risk and call his bluff around every corner. PJ Black is not only a world class athlete and one of the best wrestlers out there, whom discovered that he is still far off his prime, even though he is a 23 year veteran inside the squared circle, he will argue with anyone that he is still a good couple of years off his absolute best. Wow!

This is a type of match that has us drooling, because this will be a match that will be pure art. Both competitors are incredible off the turn-buckles, against the ropes and overall mat work. Both athletes, have a knack for speed and moving faster than their opponent can keep up. More than that, both competitors can turn any adverse situation into their advantage at the drop of a hat.  Just writing this out, and seeing flashes of both wrestler’s best, leaves this writer breathless.


RVD loves coming to South Africa, because he has a massive following in the Republic, and has toured the RSA a couple of times with the WWE. This will be his first showing for an independent company. Where, PJ Black, is a born and bred South Africa, from George in the Eastern Cape, coming back home to be the first to capture the SFA World Championship, in front of him home crowd against a South African favorite. The story writes itself.


We don’t want to even attempt to explain the mixed emotions this match has already awakened, nor try and predict a winner. Its just too close. But what other way would you want the first ever SFA World Champion to be crowned in.

One thing is for sure though, Slamforce Africa President, Cornelius A.P. van Tonder, has said to both men, whomever walks out the winner on 27 October, needs to be ready. The President wants that title to mean something, and he has said, that the person holding up the SFA World Championship will have to go through hell and back to prove to unforgiving, passionate South Africans that they truly deserve to hold that title.


Find out on 27 October 2019, at SFA01 from the Rembrandt Hall at the University of Pretoria, in Pretoria, South Africa, who will walk out as the first ever SFA World Champion.


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