PreviewWrestlingMatch Preview: ANDRO PERSEUS vs. KYLE RIPLEY

October 14, 2019

In our next Tale of the Tape series, we look at an all South African derby match, Andro Perseus vs. Kyle Ripley.

This is the match of the night that can possibly steal the entire show, and one that many South Africans are looking forward to, whether you are a die-hard wrestling fan, a hardcore South African wrestling fan, or just a casual fan re-discovering a sport that you once loved, or someone completely new to the Sport.


Simply because this is that classic, South African derby that we all are born into. It doesn’t matter what sport you play or support, from a young age South Africans are embroiled in a North vs. South arm wrestle – the Cape vs. the North. There is not a single North-South derby in any sport that is not overly intense or hard to win. It is almost as if South Africans always save their best and most nail-biting performances for these derbies.

Now, Slamforce Africa has gone one further, and they booked probably the two most aggressive, most intense and toughest wrestlers on the scene. Andro Perseus, hailing from Cape Town, and Kyle Ripley, hailing from Krugersdorp.

Both men are absolute warriors at heart and inside the squared circle. Both men have a never say die attitude, and both men don’t stop until the last bell.


Perseus known as the Warmachine, is probably the toughest bastard in South Africa, hard as a rock, vicious at the sound of a bell, and more intense than a raging bull in Spain. At 142kg he is a freight train smashing into his opponents at an alarming speed for a man of his size and stature. It is his striking game and pure intensity that knocks his opponents off their feet, making them not want to get up again. Honestly, if you have ever had the privilege to see Perseus in action, you have not see much of the match, because its hard to see everything going on with your fingers in front of your eyes.


Now, here is where this match gets fun, and will make every South African hard man lick their lips. Because Slamforce Africa, did not shy away from a possible blood bath. They booked probably the only man in the country that can match Perseus, blow for blow. Kyle Ripley – known as the Master of the Knock Out Punch, he is just that…a master at knocking his opponents out cold before they get enough momentum on him. But it is not his massive south paw that kills opponents’ confidence in the ring, like Perseus, it is his pure intensity and his will to come out on top no matter what. A Spartan Warrior Race competitor in his spare time, this is a man who does not know and/or understand the words or the concept of giving up.

That very ingredient is the thing that will make the Rembrandt Hall get on their feet and remain there until both men are possibly carried out of the ring. If you lost your passion for wrestling, or moved on in life to other things, this is the very match that will bring you right back and turn you into a fan.


But then again, as in most cases in South Africa, when a derby is on, the competitors are more likely to grind it out until someone gives up, it can be a slow grind or a fast and explosive grind…but a grind nonetheless.


Especially when there is another shot at the SFA Continental Championship on the line, as this match will be the second qualifier for a shot to be crowned the African Champion at SFA02. Will it be the Warmachine from the South or the Master of the K.O. Punch from the North.



Find out on 27 October 2019, at SFA01 from the Rembrandt Hall at the University of Pretoria, in Pretoria, South Africa.


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