PreviewWrestlingMatch Preview: MATTHEW HAMMAR vs. PRINCE AGBALLAH

October 10, 2019

Now, there is a saying in the sport of professional wrestling, never say never. That saying holds true for this match-up. There is not a lot of sports in the world, particularly in the Combat Sports arena, where two competitors are so different, and get to step inside the same ring against each other. That is one of the characteristics of professional wrestling, that not only makes it unique but also makes it very exciting. In many ways, professional wrestling was the first form of Mixed Martial Arts, where this very concept is tested…different styles and experience inside a ring or a cage and let’s see whose style and discipline gets out on top. Professional Wrestling has been doing this for many years, long before the craze of MMA came around. And one of those unique aspects has always been a David vs. Goliath match-up.

That is exactly what fans will see in this match up, a true David vs. Goliath outing, a very different set of skills on both ends of the ring, massive differences in size, stature and move-set. One is from North Africa and the other from South Africa. If there is one country in Africa that can match South Africa blow for blow when it comes to pride, its Nigeria, the home country of Prince Agballah. Fans can definitely expect to see ferocious clash of pride and an intense explosion of different style.


You honestly get big vs. small, strong vs. agile, powerful vs. skilled, north vs. south, day vs. night. But as the saying goes, never say never. Because that is true in professional wrestling, the stats is not always the winner.


From South Africa, you have the best High Flying, electrifying most strategic wrestler in Matthew Hammar. While directly opposite him, towering above his opponent at 1.95m and outweighing him by 40kg at 114kg is the Nigerian Destroyer, Prince Agballah.


Agballah is ferocious, incredibly strong and big and there is not a lot of drop kicks in the world that can level the big man from Nigeria. He is just plain scary inside a ring and even though a wrestling card is not complete without showcasing a proper David vs Goliath match-up, it is rumoured that the Slamforce Africa office is nervous about this match and the health and safety of Hammar, whom stands at 1.60m tall and weighs in at 75kg.

But that being said, there is not a wrestler on the continent that can match Hammar’s love for the sky, and his fearless position on taking risks. This makes him very dangerous for any man whose style is rooted in being on your feet. Not to mention, no one needs to spell it out, but there is no counter for pure gravity launching 75kg of body mass, bone and force into you from above. The bigger they are the harder they fall they say…but first you need to get them to fall, others will say.


This is a true exhibition match that is sure to bring the passion and pride out of everyone watching. Yes, symbolically every man and woman on earth can look at this match and say, is this not the battle we all fight on a day-to-day basis…mountains of challenges. So, will the mountain overcome its challenger, or does the challenger have the heart and spirit to conquer the conqueror?


Find out on 27 October 2019, at SFA01 from the Rembrandt Hall at the University of Pretoria, in Pretoria, South Africa.


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