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October 8, 2019


For the opening match of SFA01, the company has set-up one that will be a true reflection of a proper African clash of style diversity. X-Terminator from South Africa takes on Makita, from Cameroon. Not only is this an opening match for the event, but it will go down in history books as the very first match Slamforce Africa has ever produced. No pressure for these two athletes.

South Africans have always been known more for a strong power-sports orientated mind-set with the country’s most successful sport being the very physical and power-style rugby, with big men, strong men and tough as nails men. Enter, X-Terminator.

A police officer by day, a body-builder during breakfast, lunch and supper and one of South Africa’s best and most recognisable professional wrestlers at night. The big man has been in the ring with big names such as Bobby Lashley, PJ Black and Carlito. A veteran of the industry in South Africa and still hungry for squashing his opponents into oblivion. Standing at 1.82m and weighing a hulking mass of muscle at 121kg, very few men enjoy the moment the bell rings when X-Terminator is standing opposite them.

Where, on the opposite side of the continent, and the ring, in Northern Africa, where they prefer the flair, acrobatics and breath-taking finesse of soccer (football) in Cameroon comes a man that embodies their culture and fast flying style, the Indominable Lion, Makita.

Currently plying his trade in the USA and chasing lucrative contracts and championship gold to make his country proud, something that most North Africans have in common, Makita is the exact opposite of the South African big man, smaller in build but faster, more agile and terrifyingly quick with his feet. Known for creating the African Strong Style and being one of the top contenders in Ring of Honor’s Top Prospect Tournament for 2019, where the winner gets a shot at the ROH Television Championship. Much shorter than his opponent, X-Terminator, standing at 1.73m tall and weighing 78kg – a whole 43kg lighter than his opponent, many sports enthusiasts will scream “unfair” but not the Indominable Lion himself, Makita relishes taking on bigger and stronger men, it is a Lion culture he has taken root of from his home country.


But one needs to say that when it comes to experience, and facing all sorts of competitors in the ring, X-Terminator does have an advantage that transcends just pure size. It takes a lot to catch the big man off-guard and he normally has a very cerebral approach to his opponents. Never under-estimating them based on their size, years inside the squared circle of professional wrestling has taught him this truth.


Will X-Terminator dominate the Indominable Lion, or will Makita be too quick and intense for the South African? To top it all off, the match has plenty on the line, as this match will be the first of two SFA Continental Championship Qualifiers.

Who will prevail, South African pride or Cameroonian honour? Find out on 27 October 2019, at SFA01 from the Rembrandt Hall at the University of Pretoria, in Pretoria, South Africa.


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