ReportWrestlingAEW All Out Delivers, Albeit Lop-Sided Affair

September 2, 2019

On 31 August 2019, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) delivered their second big Pay-Per-View (PPV) event, All Out, after their debut, Double or Nothing, earlier this year. Even though, many fans and arm-chair critics will feel that ALL OUT was a little bit lop-sided.


The event itself was fantastic overall, with great matches and an even greater crowd which seems to be the style of AEW currently, very passionate fans. These fans will most likely be able to look beyond the unbalanced card, and surely most fans will forgive rookie mistakes so early in the upstart promotion’s career.


The card was very unbalanced, with average to below average matches at the start, and ending the PPV with a big climax in in three consecutive A grade matches. AEW will need to learn not book their PPV’s like an amateur indie promotion, and find more balance on their cards. Fans need to have roller coaster experience, from start to finish, with exciting matches in between the more stale moments, they had the recipe right at Double or Nothing, but this time around it felt more like an indie booker in charge rather than someone trying to get to the top of the ladder.


That being said, the three biggest highlights of the event came first and foremost with a first time ever match, between PAC and Kenny Omega, and what a wonderful match this was. Very clinical, as both athletes pride themselves on being clinical inside the squared circle and out. The match had a main event, big match feel to it, and it delivered. Well paced, well timed and a great showcasing of what AEW could be and is at the moment. PAC wins by submission.


Then, we had an absolute showstopper, the Triple AAA Tag Team Championship match between The Young Bucks and the Lucha Brothers, now, we have seen these guys face each other a couple of times already, we have seen them one up each other at every turn, it has made for a wonderful rivalry in the Tag Team division, and one that the WWE can learn from when it comes to Tag Team booking. This match was no different, and one would think after facing each other so many times over the last year, the matches would get stale. Well, just add a couple of ladders, and presto, completely different ball game and an even better match that we have seen these two teams deliver. Fast paced, always when these teams face off, jaw dropping moments and just an absolute fantastic showcase of talent and skill. Lucha Bros retain Triple AAA Tag Team Championships.


Our final match of the night, Chris Jericho vs. Adam Page, for the AEW World Heavyweight Championship. It was much bloodier than I think most fans expected. But it delivered. It was once again a fantastic match, there is just something these days about professional wrestlers approaching 50 and beyond, almost as if these veteran athletes somewhere found a new lust for life and the industry, we see it more and more, young fans would criticise them for being old, and these men would come back and silence them very quickly. Jericho has done so for the last year whether in New Japan, or AEW. He gets better with age. Adam Page, is an incredible talent, that will get to the top much sooner rather than later, and he showcased a couple of things that will excite any fan, young or old, hardcore or reborn. What really stood out was the Hangman’s ability to keep going, even when both men looked dead tired, but what was even more impressive, and here I need to commend Jericho for that, was just how much Jericho wanted it more, and every time the youthful Page would get back up and up the pace, Jericho would just meet his pace, intensity and power blow for blow. I personally love seeing men like Jericho, where they are right now, a bit older, but still more left in them than the young guys coming through, it tells a wonderful story, and obviously for nostalgic reasons, its very satisfying seeing the “old dog” still bite harder and more ferocious than the young pup pretending to be an alpha. A classic story, told very eloquently inside the ring. And that is what professional wrestling is all about, ending with Chris Jericho the first ever AEW World Heavyweight Champion.


After the event, AEW announced their next PPV, named Full Gear, which will be live on November 9th – in the mean time, we have AEW’s weekly television debut to look forward to on 2 October 2019, as they are set to go head to head with WWE NXT on Wednesday nights.


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