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August 25, 2019
SFA World Championship

This week things got very real in the Slamforce Africa landscape, with the unveiling of the first championship title on Friday, 23 August 2019.


For many fans and pro wrestlers alike, a promotion is only as good as its titles, in many ways some would consider it the true face and identity of a professional wrestling promotion. In every sport around the world, there is no point in competition without a grand prize at the end of a gruelling season, or a match or bout. The NFL has the Vince Lombardi trophy, South African rugby has the Currie Cup, Soccer has the FA Cup and so we can go on. The point is that no sport is without a grand trophy or championship.


With the quick and surreal rise of Slamforce Africa as the biggest and most prestigious pro-wrestling company in Africa, it is only fitting that the championships match the company’s vision, of being the only premier promotion in Africa.


And boy, did they do exactly that when they unveiled their first title, the Slamforce Africa (SFA) World Championship, or as the title has been dubbed, ‘Mamma Africa’ – fans all over social media, already hailed the championship title as one of the best looking titles out there.


The championship itself is quite heavy, weighing in at 4.5kg (10lbs) it is quite heavy for a championship belt these days. But it does add to the prestige of the title.


Made from 18-karat gold plating as well as top grade chrome plating, with a total of 17 very real ruby gemstones adorning the main plate as well as the two side plates. All fastened onto premium A-grade leather, with a soft velvet backing to protect the leather itself from wear and tear.


The belt was designed in collaboration by Slamforce Africa President and CEO, Cornelius A.P. van Tonder, and Joshua Radtkin, from ProAm Championship Belts in the United States of America. ProAm Belts have been commissioned to create all SFA championships,


Currently we know that there will be three championship divisions within the company; the World Championship Division, the Women’s Championship Division and finally the Continental Championship Division. We do not have word on when we will get to see the two remaining titles being unveiled, but it is safe to say that at least the Women’s championship will most likely be unveiled soon, due to it being contested at SFA01. But it is most likely that the SFA Continental Championship might only get unveiled before SFA02 (which has been confirmed for 23 February).


The SFA World Championship title is absolutely beautiful and it is clear that the company has not gone a cheap route, but a good deal of planning and fine detail is going into Slamforce Africa as a company and wrestling promotion, just by judging its marketing material, social media content and now the first championship belt, and not to mention the first card, obviously with probably the best and most exciting matches on a South African produced match card. Fans can by all indication, truly get excited and well behind this promotion, because it is clear that Slamforce Africa means serious business, and it is all for the fans.


We can not wait, who will pick up Mamma Africa on 27 October 2019, in the Rembrandt Hall and be crowned the first ever, Slamforce Africa World Champion, between Rob van Dam and PJ Black. The match itself is already a dream match, and now the company has added a dream title into the mix. Can this get any better?


The time for fans to rally and commit their support to this proudly South African initiative is now, and pull together, to sell out the Rembrandt Hall. So far, Slamforce Africa is a promotion fans can really be proud of and really get excited about. Now it just all boils down to seeing if South Africans can actually do it, can they rally together for this initiative and sell out the Rembrandt Hall.


For tickets to the event SFA01, on 27 October from the Rembrandt Hall at the University of Pretoria, go to: and get your tickets to witness whom will be crowned with Mamma Africa as the first World Champion in Slamforce Africa History.



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