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July 9, 2019
Event poster landscape sale

On the 5th of July 2019, Slamforce Africa went live with their ticket sales for SFA01. It was reported that VVIP tickets sold out in just under an hour. What a great start for the company, trying to revive and take African pro-wrestling forward onto the next level of success.

Fans will be able to see great wrestlers such former WWE and ECW World Champion, Rob van Dam, former 3 time WWE Tag Team Champion, PJ Black, former WWE Divas Champion, Celeste Bonin (FKA Kaitlyn), the sensational Billion Dollar Babe, Katie Forbes, Makita, Prince Agballah, Chasity Cardona, Andro Perseus, X-Terminator, Black Widow, Kyle Ripley and Matthew Hammar live and in action, from the iconic Rembrandt Hall at the University of Pretoria, in Pretoria, South Africa on Sunday, 27 October 2019.

The night features amazing matches such as Matthew Hammar vs. the Nigerian Destroyer, Prince Agballah, which promises to be a very interesting match given a massive size difference (Prince Agballah is 1.95m tall vs. Matthew Hammar at 160m tall) and worlds apart in terms of style.

In two very big matches that has long term implications for all competitors, is the two SFA Continental Championship Qualifiers; Makita (from Cameroon) vs. X-Terminator (from South Africa) and Andro Perseus vs. Kyle Ripley. These two matches in particular are very interesting, as the winners of each match will face each other SFA02 for the Slamforce Africa Continental Championship. According to a source in the company, the Continental Championship will be the title that defines the success of Slamforce Africa as an African promotion. The title itself, will only be open for wrestlers whom was born in any part of Africa. This is in all fairness, the Continent’s Champion, and will carry a lot of responsibility. Anyone of the four contenders that will lock horns against each other at SFA01 is definitely worthy, each in their own right to go on to SFA02 and win the Continental Championship. Die Hard fans on the local scenes will want to take a very close look at these two matches.

Then Slamforce Africa announced that the night will have 2 main events, purely because both final matches is too big to classify one over the other. So, we will call it the First Main Event, and the Final Main Event for the purposes of this article.

The first main event is an all-women’s affair. And yes, there is a title on the line. The Slamforce Africa Women’s Championship. To add to the drama, it is a 4-Way match. Four women enter the ring together and only one can exit as the First SFA Women’s Champion. The four women that will be fighting it out is former WWE Divas Champion, Celeste Bonin, Chasity Cardona, all the way from Colombia, the longest reigning Women’s Champion in South Africa (at time of writing, the current CPW Ladies Champion) Black Widow, and rounding the quartet off is Katie Forbes, the Billion Dollar Babe known for her work in Women of Wrestling, Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor Wrestling. This match is incredibly diverse in all facets and has a range of experience, grit and explosiveness to it. I think anyone that is a fan, can look at these ladies on paper and say: If you want to see what real women’s wrestling looks like, watch this match! Truly, at we don’t even want to try and predict a winner, 4-Way matches can go anyway, without the added chaos of different styles and dynamic that each of these women possess. But on our end, it will be truly something special to see Bonin back in the ring and go toe-to-toe with South Africa’s best, Black Widow. That is making us drool.

Then, of course the final main event for the day. The big one. Rob van Dam vs. PJ Black. Let that one sink in for a bit.

Anyone will tell you, and trust us, everyone has told us, this match is probably the biggest match of the year, across the board. Forget about Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins, forget about Undertaker vs. Goldberg, forget about Kenny Omega vs. Chris Jericho or Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Kenny Omega. There is not a bigger match so far this year than Rob van Dam vs. PJ Black. Why you might ask? It is simple really, firstly this is a complete dream match that has never happened before, it is a first time ever. We know, we couldn’t believe it either. But it is true, Rob van Dam and PJ Black has never faced each other in a single match before. Both these men are well known for being the proverbial “daredevils” of the wrestling industry, the two biggest risk takers, high flyers and move-set influencers of our time.

Can you imagine these two men, with their mutual respect for high-paced, high-risk, high-flying styles clashing inside that squared circle? Now, add the experience of these two men together, both men, still in the prime of their respective careers (very far from calling it a day, and absolutely aging like wine), Van Dam recently signing a full-time contract with Impact Wrestling, Black signing a full-time contract with Ring of Honor Wrestling. PJ Black with more than 22 years’ experience in the ring, Rob van Dam with 29 years’ experience…these two men knowing the ring, rope-to-rope, post-to-post…fans just know, right here you are going to find a very strong contender for Match of the Year. Both athletes have reached the top of their careers, both capturing WWE championships while wrestling for the company. Now, let’s add to that the setting itself, South Africa, PJ Black on home soil, going for broke against arguably one of the greatest of all time wrestlers, whom personally have wrestled in South Africa a couple of times before of which the first came in 2003 and is adored by South African fans. That right there is an absolute emotional roller coaster.

To make it even more amazing, no main event on this card is complete without gold. Literally. An inside source leaked information to this journalist, that the SFA World Championship title is made from 19 karat gold, chrome and real ruby gemstones. Both, Rob van Dam and PJ Black will be slugging it out to get their hands on that title and be crowned the first Slamforce Africa World Champion. Honestly we just can’t predict a winner. No, wait, we can…the fans are the winners. All the way!

Tell us, how would you as a fan, even consider missing this event? It is unthinkable.

Ticket Breakdown:

  • Regular Tickets: R270.00 – seats on the gallery
  • Arena Floor Tickets: R450.00 – seats on the ground floor
  • Golden Circle Tickets: R630.00 and includes access to the post event signing and photo session
  • VVIP Tickets: R1,650.00 [SOLD OUT]

Tickets is live on, go get yours, don’t miss this event and let’s sell out the Rembrandt Hall!


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