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June 26, 2019

Last week with great anticipation, after receiving unwanted news that John Morrison, a.k.a. Johnny Impact will not be able to make it out to Pretoria due to an unforeseen commitment, fans eagerly awaited to find out who did John swap match cards with.

And it changed the whole damn show! There is not a single Slamforce Africa, or general wrestling fan, or casual fan who could have predicted such a massive surprise! Rob van Dam, the one and only legendary man himself, will be making his way to Pretoria, South Africa on 27 October 2019, to contest the inaugural Slamforce Africa World Championship title. Could any fan have asked for more from start-up wrestling promotion Slamforce Africa? Is there anything more a promotion can do for their debut event?

Rob van Dam, is arguably, with only a handful of wrestlers in the world, the most recognised, most respected and most celebrated professional wrestler in the history of the sport. There is very little RVD has not done. You will find it very hard looking for anyone that can be considered a major critic of the Whole F*N Show. For anyone whom have followed his career from his start in ECW to his double championship reign in the WWE (holding both the ECW World Heavyweight Championship & WWE World Championship at the same time), to his recent re-appearance and full-time contract with Impact! Wrestling, Rob van Dam, never lost it.

Always a man that puts his body on the line, to his own detriment sometimes, but he is one of a very small group of wrestlers out there whom completely switches off whatever else is in his mind when he hears the bell ring and only gives everything he’s got until the match is over.

In South Africa, in particular, RVD has a huge following of fans and there is not a man, woman, child, uncle, great uncle, or grandfather whom has not mimicked the high flying daredevil’s, whom lives life on his own terms, iconic two-thumbs pointing R-V-D hand gestures alive in South Africa.

Looking at his resume, it is incredibly hard to not get star struck and realise what a big moment this is for local wrestling in Africa, and a complete game changer: TNA World Heavyweight Champion, TNA X-Division Champion, ECW World Heavyweight Champion, WWE World Champion, ECW World Tag Team Champion (w/Sabu), 2 x WWE World Tag Team Champion (w/Kane, w/Booker-T), 4 x WWE Hardcore Champion, 6 x WWE Intercontinental Champion, the 2006 Money in the Bank Winner, 7th WWE Grand Slam Champion and 15th WWE Triple Crown Champion.

If one would ask RVD himself if he thinks he still has room in his trophy cabinet for 1 more title, we are sure he would eagerly gaze upon the SFA World Championship and say yes. Will his opponent allow him to add the SFA World title to that trophy cabinet? Unlikely.

Either way, having Rob van Dam in South Africa for SFA01 is a tremendous occasion and there is not a single entity that comes out the loser in this scenario. It is a win-win-win.

Catch Rob van Dam live in South Africa, at Slamforce Africa’s debut event, SFA01 on 27 October 2019, in the iconic Rembrandt Hall at the University of Pretoria, South Africa.


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