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June 19, 2019

In some unfortunate news, John Morrison and Taya Valkyrie had to postpone their appearance at Slamforce Africa’s inaugural event, SFA01.

Taya Valkyrie, considered one of the best female wrestlers on the planet, unfortunately had a clash with contractual obligations that she was not able to get out of in time to make the long trip to South Africa and be here in time for her match.

John Morrison, received a different opportunity that is a little bit more personal than just straight forward business, and due to this opportunity that has come over his path Slamforce Africa has agreed to postpone his appearance.

Slamforce Africa President and CEO, Cornelius A.P. van Tonder, had the following to say in regards to the announcement, “It is unfortunate news, and there is no doubt that fans will be disappointed, however it is important for fans to note that both Taya and John’s appearances is not cancelled, it is merely postponed. Both of them were extremely excited to come to South Africa, and they are very passionate about what Slamforce Africa is trying to achieve. They were just as disappointed as anyone to not be able to come. However, for us it was a mere a case of swapping things around rather than going into a full mad rush of crisis management. We are extremely well organised and our cards are booked already 12 months ahead. So for us, it was a very small interchange of talent on match cards.”

He continued, “I can guarantee that both John and Taya will be in Slamforce Africa in the very near future. This is just a slight detour for them. We have already confirmed their replacements, and yet again, the talent we are bringing in is absolutely amazing and not new, we have planned out 12 months ahead and this was merely swapping appearances around that was already scheduled. I guess in that sense we are extremely fortunate, to be working with amazing talent all over the world that is so accommodating and have so much belief in what we are doing that guys are willing to drop their plans and step in when we need them. The future of Slamforce Africa is extremely bright and fans will go crazy when they see the new card.”

A new announcement regarding the talent card swap will be made later this week.

Tickets for SFA01 will go on sale soon, and it expected to sell out very fast. Head of Investor & Public Relations, Tshepo Mkapi commented on this, “We have had an overwhelming response in regards to tickets availability for Slamforce Africa 01, at this stage we are actually concerned that our venue will be too small for the amount of queries we have had. We are in fact exploring a bigger venue and looking at what that could mean for us. It is a pleasant headache to have. With the change in card coming in with John and Taya postponing their appearances, we are a little bit anxious about the new announcements, because it is big, very very big, and we don’t know if we have enough seats at our venue right now. We have not yet seen the seating plan and it could determine along with the new announcement whether we will need to get a bigger venue or not. However, like I said, it is a very nice headache to have.”

Tickets was supposed to go on sale on 17 June, but according to an insider in the company, tickets were postponed for a couple of reasons including but not limited to buying time to make a new announcement on the two main events for the card, which the main players behind the scenes is expecting to increase the volume for ticket demand.

We do know currently that tickets will range from standard seats to VIP seats between R420.00 to R1,650.00

SFA01 will also be available on PPV through FITE tv for $14.99 (R217.00 at time of writing)

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