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May 19, 2019

What has surely been a big week for Slamforce Africa in the roster department, naming Cyrus Fees- the legend in the making play by play announcer from the USA – as the official anchor for SFA01 a long with Devon Currer, the most professional ring announcer in South Africa’s combat sports landscape and of course another exciting wrestler in the name of Matthew “The Assassin” Hammar. has it on good authority that President and CEO of Slamforce Africa Pty (Ltd), Cornelius A.P. van Tonder personally pushed for Hammar’s inclusion on SFA01, due to his electrifying wrestling abilities. We already had a look at what to expect from Slamforce Africa, and that the focus will be on wrestling, rather than over the top antics and gimmicks as can be found in the west. Slamforce Africa’s focus will be solidly be rooted in the old school, golden age of South African wrestling, in the 1980s and early 1990s when wrestlers became house hold legends such as Jan Wilkens, Danie Voges, Jimmy Abbot and Danie Brits. A more simpler time for wrestling in South Africa, where the focus was solidly on the wrestling and the athletic ability of the wrestlers in the ring. For this reason, thus far the entire SFA01 roster has been hand-picked to showcase wrestling and not “gimmicks”

Coming back to The Assassin, Matthew Hammar. It is his very, somewhat insane, style of high flying typical cruiser weight style that caught the eye of Slamforce Africa management. Described as one of the brightest talents in wrestling in South Africa, and possibly the entire Africa. This young 22 year old high flyer is not only known for his jaw dropping, high flying, high risk style, but also for his cerebral approach to each and every match. A pure strategist at heart with as much fire power in his body that any competitor on that inaugural roster can care to come face to face with. There is a reason why he is nicknamed “the Assassin” or as per management, their “insurance policy”.

Hammar certainly reminds many nostalgic fans of a young Jeff Hardy or an even younger Shawn Michaels ala Midnight Rockers days. What Hammar has in common with these inspiring cruiser weights in their own right is the heart at the very core of their arsenal. Yes they are flashy, yes they can defy gravity and move lightning fast inside the squared circle, yes they are all a lot shorter and smaller in stature than 90% of their opponents. But it is the size of their hearts (and in Michaels’ case his ego in the late 90s) and the fight inside that heart that has propelled them to the success they have reached over the years.

Hammer, still only 22 years old, but already looks like a polished 20 year old veteran when he glides off the ropes and gracefully lands on his feet. An over analyzer of his opponents and the task at hand, gives him that much needed plan A, B, C, D, E and F – to ensure success at any cost. The obvious creed for any assassin is that failure is not an option. With a massive shot at what is to be Africa’s biggest stage in professional wrestling, let’s see what the Assassin brings to the squared circle and if he can overcome the obstacles of not just a local promotion, but that of an entire continent bracing for impact and ready to show the world what Africa is made of.

But in his own words, let the whole locker room heed his words of advice:

“With my high-flying maneuvers, you are going to have a hard time looking down on me, and you will constantly be confused as to where and when I’m going to strike. Just don’t forget to look up!”

Catch Matthew Hammar live at SFA01 on 27 October 2019, or watch it all unfold on FITE TV for the low price of R217.00


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