ReportWrestlingThe Ground and Pound Factor: Kyle Ripley

May 12, 2019

Many fans of South African wrestling have become accustomed to seeing only a couple of familiar faces whom explicitly gets booked over and over again, and many young talent are lost in the South African landscape in favor of veterans. Slamforce Africa have vowed to change that and book only the best talent and have a heavy focus on the next generation of wrestlers. Thanks to this policy and determination to give a new breed of wrestlers in South Africa, and the rest of the continent their long-awaited shot at glory, wrestlers such as Kyle Ripley can finally come to the front and make use of every opportunity.

Known for being the most devastating wrestler in South Africa, with a ferocious mixture of MMA and Wrestling, Ripley is well known for demolishing his opponents with an unorthodox ground and pound approach to his wrestling matches.

At only 29 years of age, Ripley still has a long and bright career in front of him, and the time is certainly ripe to showcase this Toyota Spartan Warrior to the world of international wrestling. A long with only a select handful of wrestlers in South Africa, Ripley has the potential to become one of South Africa’s greatest. Especially in a country more accustomed to the physicality of rugby, boxing and MMA, Ripley’s unique combat style is sure to be a hit with the average South African and casual fan.

When you mention Ripley’s name in the annals of pro wrestling in South Africa, the first thing that comes to mind to many of his opponents, whom have faced him over the last 10 years (Ripley made his debut on 26 November 2009), and that is his vicious Knock-Out punch. As an after thought most wrestlers will agree that Kyle Ripley is one of the nicest, and most decent human being you can ever come across, yet it is his incredible right hook that torments his opponents for years after facing him.

Fans eagerly anticipating Ripley can rest assured that he will be facing someone that will certainly test him from physically as well as mentally from post to post. As long as his opponent knows how to duck and stay away from that lethal K.O. Boom!


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