ReportWrestlingChasity Cardona to make history in South Africa

May 1, 2019

The first female wrestler announced to compete at Slamforce Africa’s debut event, SFA01, is also the first international wrestler from outside of Africa to be declared in the form of Chasity Cardona, from Colombia.

Cardona is the first Colombian female wrestler to ever compete on African soil and it is true history in the making. Especially in a society waking up more and more every day to equal opportunities for women in sport and in general.

Chasity, known as La Guerrera back home, is an amazingly fast paced wrestler whom says her style of wrestling was inspired by The Hardy Boys and Lita. Cardona was first a professional dancer for more than 10 years before she fell in love with professional wrestling, and quickly transitioned into the sport.

Her dancing background seamlessly fits into her high flying, and fast paced style of wrestling. But what makes the pocket rocket from Columbia unique is the fact that she can also work the mat and get very technical with her opponents should the need arise. Making her arsenal very rounded, which on its own makes her incredibly unpredictable to her opponents.

Standing at only 1.58m tall and weighing 52kg makes her an easy target for her opponents that could be on the taller and stronger side, but to Chasity Cardona that is irrelevant. She told;

“Don’t let the size fool you. I’m fun size and move quicker than they think.”

Fun is an understatement, anyone who knows anything about Latin-American wrestling, or Lucha Libre, will tell you that Cardona embodies the very technique of the famous Latin-American style, turning any situation to her advantage, and being absolutely electrifying and unpredictable inside the ring.

The crowd will certainly love this little pocket rocket from Colombia, and her opponents will have their hands, arms and legs full with her at SFA01.


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