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April 21, 2019

After months of speculation, and calculated guesses, All Elite Wrestling finally broke the news and confirmed who will Cody Rhodes face on May 25th at AEW’s debut show Double or Nothing at the MGM Grand Gardens Arena, in Las Vegas.

After months of teasing, and Cody saying via his official twitter account that his match as Double or Nothing, will be a little more “personal”, it has indeed turned out to be the case, very personal indeed.

On Episode 13, of AEW – The Road to Double or Nothing, it was officially announced in a deeply personal and yet bone chilling promo, Dustin Rhodes (formerly known as Goldust) will be facing Cody Rhodes at Double or Nothing. Brother vs. Brother, the Dusty Rhodes legacy match of the century.

In the video, Dustin Rhodes talks a lot about his relationship with Cody over the years, he mentioned a couple of times that he does love his brother and that he has always been proud of his brother, but he also talked a lot about a rift between the two brothers that has always existed between the two of them. Possibly to do with their 16 year age difference, however Dustin mentioned how Cody always blamed him for the rift because he was never there for Cody, where Dustin does not see it that way, referencing the times he was always there for Cody when he needed him the most.

AEW is building this match between the brothers to be a very deep and personal match, that most people, whether wrestling fan or not, can relate to. Anyone with an older or younger sibling can relate to that typical sibling rivalry or unwritten conflict that is always there. And what a master stroke to tap into, what can be considered the Rolls Royce family of Wrestling’s personal and very private aspect of their family life, the Rhodes family is well known for being the most famous wrestling family in the world, other than the McMahon family. And watching this come together and seeing that typical Dusty Rhodes genius shine through in this match-up should send out a clear warning to the WWE that AEW is packing, and not light by any means necessary.

Dustin Rhodes, can be seen the video putting on his new face paint, trading his signature Gold and Black for a new Red and Black face paint, stating that the red symbolises ‘life’ while the black is for ‘death’ – given that the match is billed for Dustin as “One last ride” the whole angle gives any fan of wrestling this nostalgic and yet anticipated chills if you think of Dustin Rhodes’ career over the years, and knowing that he has done it all over his 30 year career and that now that career is coming to an end or approaching that end fast. A lot of people still believe that Dustin Rhodes still has a lot to offer inside that squared ring, this writer included, so to say this is close the end of his career, is premature at best. Emphasized by the closing of the video when Dustin says “One last ride…or is it?” in that signature Goldust raspy voice just creates a feeling that we have not seen the last of Dustin Rhodes, nor are we going to see his last rides, just a new side of him, perhaps better, meaner and much much darker than his Goldust character.

We will call it here first, Dustin Rhodes will most likely see out the best days of his entire career in his little brother’s company, All Elite Wrestling, where we predict that he will have the run he was always meant to have in the WWE.

Check out the full reveal video in the video above.


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