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April 21, 2019

Over the Easter weekend, MKE Wrestling held a show in West Allis, Wisconsin, called The Last Knight at the famous Knight of Columbus building. The show was paced with 350 people. But what made it special, and the reason why the world is buzzing over the show, is due to the rumours that CM Punk made his return in-ring at this show.

A Masked wrestler came out and attacked Daryck St. Holmes, suspiciously with CM Punk’s signature GTS move. The masked man was never revealed, and immediately exited the building.

But it was afterwards, that founder of MKE Wrestling and Ring of Honor stalwart, Silas Young confirmed, indirectly via his twitter that the masked man was indeed CM Punk, referencing that many wrestlers such as Colt Cabana started their careers in the Knights of Columbus Building.

Last night we held @MKE_Wrestling at the Knights of Columbus building in west allis the place was packed with 350 people. This place has had 25+ years of wrestling and is the place a lot of guys started. Guys like @ColtCabana as well as a Punk who showed up in a mask last night

— silas young (@lastrealmanROH) April 20, 2019

Further to this account, another fan confirmed on twitter that CM Punk was spotted at another wrestling event, in the same city with the exact same hoody and sweat pants on that the “masked Punk” wore and posted a picture, see that picture below.

Found a picture of him in the same hoodie/pants from the same day in the same city.

It is still unclear if Punk is returning permanently to the ring, or was this just some one-off goofing around. There is millions of fans around the world, hoping that Punk will one day return to the ring. Perhaps with AEW’s financial power that will be possible, because as we know Punk will never return to a WWE ring, just as much as no man alive will return to any company firing him on his wedding day. It was reported recently that AEW offered Jon Moxley/Dean Ambrose around $6million dollars to join AEW. If this is the type of money that AEW is willing to fork out for Ambrose, a brilliant wrestler, can you imagine what they will be willing to for out for the one man that can potentially sink the WWE’s ratings with one go should he make his return to the ring officially under the AEW banner?

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